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Matteo Pradella

associate professor

tel +39 02 2399 3495 
fax +39 02 2399 3574 
e-mail matteo.pradella @ polimi it
where Italy, Milano, via Golgi 42, building 22, floor 3, room 37
twitter @bzoto

research areas {software engineering, formal languages}

stuff {face+bio, curriculum (eng), publications, TRIO homepage}


Zot: a Bounded Satisfiability Checker.

Sat-Ts: a SAT-based parser, completer and generator for picture languages specified by tilings (new CNF version 20070225).

Mazpa: parsing tools for some classes of 2D Context-free Grammars (presently, Kolam and Regional tile grammars).

Flup: a simple tool for Operator Precedence Automata and Grammars.



You can look here for some ideas, but for up-to-date stuff please contact me.